What is MAGICS?

MAGICS is an infrastructure and a community for practicing cutting-edge science and art related to socially sustainable digitalization and virtualization. New XR technologies and AI solutions accelerate transformation towards a virtual world. New technological innovations are useful as personal assistants in writing computer programs, creating art, and even analysing the sentiment of texts and structure of conversations, thus reshaping human interactions. This technological paradigm shift is instigating profound changes at the individual, group, and societal levels, exerting a multifaceted influence on human behaviour and experiences. MAGICS supports socially sustainable research and art making related to these new digital paradigms, aiming to enable a digital society where the betterment of human well-being is the central goal.

MAGICS is a joint effort of six Finnish universities – Aalto University, Tampere University, University of the Arts Helsinki, University of Lapland, Turku University of Applied Sciences and University of Jyväskylä – to form a network of infrastructures to accelerate research into human in the digital world. Our emphasis on the role of art within the host universities distinguishes MAGICS within the Finnish research infrastructure landscape.