Contact | Aalto University

Professor, Academic leader
Aalto University
Tel. +358 50 521 5739

Staff scientist, Academic coordinator
Aalto Studios
Tel. +358 50 408 1651

International project coordination
Aalto Studios
Tel. +358 50 518 4087

Aalto university logo

MAGICS-Aalto focuses on measuring, analyzing and digitizing human behavior and experiences in naturalistic conditions. It builds on the facilities of Aalto Studios, and Aalto Behavioral Laboratory, part of the Aalto NeuroImaging (ANI) infrastructure. Both Aalto Studios and ANI are among the significant infrastructures of Aalto University.

Contact | Tampere University

Professor, deputy director
Tampere University
Tel. +358 40 849 0733

Professor, interactive technologies
Tampere University
Tel. +358 50 570 2007

CIVIT Staff scientist
Tampere University
Tel. +358 50 318 5833

TAUCHI Staff scientist
Tampere University
Tel. +358 40 190 1718

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Tampere University specialises in constructing and utilizing highly naturalistic virtual realities and remote presence. MAGICS node in Tampere is hosted by CIVIT (Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies) in Hervanta campus, TAUCHI (Tampere Unit for Computer-Human Interaction) and the Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre, T7 in the city centre campus.

Contact | University of the Arts Helsinki

Vice Rector
University of the Arts Helsinki
Tel. +358 50 345 3128

Postdoctoral Researcher
University of the Arts Helsinki
Tel. +358 50 528 7127

University lecturer
University of the Arts Helsinki
Tel. +358 50 473 8363

Unihearts Helsinki-logo

University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts) is particularly keen to applying virtual and remote-presence technologies for creating digitally augmented practices for art, artistic research and research into arts education. In Uniarts, the MAGICS node is anchored in the Research Hub on the Sörnäinen campus (CfAR, Centre for Artistic Research).

You can download MAGICS logo through this link to Google Drive. The logo is available in both print and web formats. The primary version to be used is the one with colours on dark background, and the coloured halo intersecting the letter ‘M’. Please follow the guidelines for use of other logos, especially regarding the placement with other logos.