Example projects

EMIL – European Media and Immersion Lab

A person with VR headset and controllers

The EMIL Horizon Europe project (2022–25) coordinated by Aalto Studios, with a total budget M€ 8.0 of which M€ 5.6 is awarded to 14 FSTP projects.


A cartoon image of a person wearing a VR headset, exploring floating painting frames.

In the XTREME Horizon Europe project, Finnish National Opera and Ballet (FNOB) and Aalto University produce a full scale virtual performance with measurement and analysis of audience experience in 2025. The project is coordinated by the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU). The total budget of the project is M€ 8.0 and the project takes place during 2024–26.


Medical AI and Immersion project (MEDALLION), funded by Business Finland in 2023–2026, is a co-innovation project between TAU, TUAS, Aalto and several companies. It focuses on ways to give medical professionals better tools to analyse medical data. By using XR environments, doctors can use their human senses to explore the data and interact with it in a more intuitive way. This will improve their workflows, reduce the number of mistakes, and save time and money. It also develops XR methodology for quality control, which is essential in the medical domain.

The Xstory

Stories of Lapland through experience technology (The Xstory) project aims to create immersive experiences of Lapland stories and history using XR technology. Project partners are the University of Lapland and the Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund / Regional Council of Lapland and runs from 2023-2025.


The goal of the Necoverse project is the development and utilization of new training, planning and operating environments in the industrial metaverse in shipbuilding industry through three use cases: 1. training (people), 2. architecture and design (ship), and 3. remote inspections and remote operations (shipyard).

Music and dance

Music and dance are used by young adults in social interactions every day. The aim of this project is to understand how music supports social connection through embodied interaction in young people. This project is part of the CoE for Music, Mind, Body and Brain in University of Jyväskylä.