More ongoing and past projects


In the INT-ACT Horizon Europe project 2024–26, budget M€ 2.0, coordinated by Aalto University, we will produce AR experiences in four Cultural Heritage sites across Europe (Portugal, Scotland, Finland, and Greece).

Portal – virtual dance piece

Digital dance performance Portal, co-production of Aalto Studios and Finnish National Opera and Ballet (FNOB) in Sitra Lab 5 project Production and distribution of performing arts in a virtual environment.

Rottien pyhimys

Musical Rottien pyhimys by Reetta Ristimäki, Jukka Nykänen and Anneli Kanto. Projection design by Calvin Guillot and Małgorzata Nowicka from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Art and Media. Performances in Finnish in Kapsäkki theatre in Feb–May 2024.

Choir singing experiment

Choir singing experiment, collaboration between Aalto University and Center of Excellence for Music, Mind, Body and Brain (MMBB) by University of Helsinki and University of Jyväskylä, and a quartet from Dominante: Methodological research on interaction between performers by measuring their heart rate, movements, and facial expressions.