Motion capture (Aalto, TAU, Uniarts)

In Aalto, the high-fidelity optical motion capture system with 24 Optitrack Prime 41 infrared cameras is set in a studio space that enables audiovisual capture and productions in 230m2 of free floor space, black curtains that cover every angle and a large green screen floor/wall setup. A separate control room allows for monitoring and live mixing.

Other motion capture tools in Aalto:

  • Faceware facial capture system for one actor. Equipped with Faceware Mark IV headcam and Faceware softwares.
  • Manus Prime gloves for finger capture with Optitrack system for two actors.

The motion capture studio at TAU is located in CIVIT. CIVIT is equipped with a 16-camera Optitrack motion capture system, which is portable. The optical motion capture system is used in the cinema and gaming industries to capture movement from real actors and transform them into realistic animations on virtual characters. Aside from creating animations, the same system can also be used to track anything in sub-millimeter accuracy in spaces in the scale of 10×10 meters.

Portable MoCap suit from Xsens (set of 2 suits in Aalto, 1 suit in TAU) is based on 17 wireless sensors placed on a suit. The Xsens suit can be used for motion capture, for example, in gaming or sports industries. The captured data can be streamed or exported depending on the need. In Aalto, there are Manus Prime gloves for finger capture with Xsens system for one actor.