Remote presence studio

An ultra-low latency high speed fiber, coupled with Netinsight Nimbra routers, connect the facilities of the MAGICS partners, enabling the transfer of any audiovisual and measurement signals. In the remote presence studio, we can do multilocational performances, measure audience experience and remotely operate machines.

In Aalto, the Nimbras are located in the main equipment room in the brand new Marsio building, where all rooms have high-speed connection that makes the building a huge laboratory and experimental space, connected to MAGICS partners through Funet (Finnish University and Research Network). In TAU, the Nimbras are located in the City centre (TAUCHI, Näty) and Hervanta campuses (CIVIT). In Uniarts, the Nimbras are located in the Digital Studio + Site and Situation room at Mylly, the new building for the Fine Arts Academy and 532 –black box room at Kookos / Theatre Academy.